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Joe G

Joe G

Surgical trainee and subdeacon. Thinks he can run.

daniel ibrahim

Danny I

Manging Director and servant. Thinks he can cook .

marina z

Marina Z

Research Scientist and servant. Thinks she’s tall.

Suzi E

GP. Amateur at everything. Thinks she can play basketball.

Marina M

Research Scientist and nature lover. Thinks she’s original.

Dimiana S

Data analyst….loves baking cakes..and eating them of course.

Marina E

Adults Social Worker and the third Marina on this site. Thinks she’s unique.

Mike W

Urologist, dog lover, music and Wimbledon enthusiast. Thinks he can play the guitar .

What is our vision for this blog?

Our vision for this blog is to develop a platform to share insight into an array of spiritual topics, from the perspectives of some members of the Coptic Orthodox community. This collaborative blog will discuss a wide range of topics including: practical spirituality, contemporary issues, theological underpinnings, commentaries on Bible studies, patristics, church history, relationships and more. These will be in the form of blogs or short poems. The content of these blogs are written from an Orthodox perspective.

Where do we find our information from?

First and foremost, the Bible is the primary source of information about the word of God, prophets and events occurring before Christ (Old Testament) and about Christ’s incarnation, birth, baptism, ministry, betrayal, crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension (New Testament). Additional information about the Orthodox fathers, martyrs and saints in our church are gathered from the Coptic Orthodox Synaxarium. Information regarding the rituals, rites and traditions of the Coptic church are collated from books. Matters on contemporary issues will also be retrieved from scholarly articles, and appropriately referenced.

Who are we writing for?

We have no particular target audience. Coptic and non-Coptic Orthodox people are more than welcome to read the content on our website, in the hope that it will be of spiritual benefit. We would be delighted for you all to share the blogs that you enjoy reading This will allow us to grow together . in the spirit of Koinonia – Christian fellowship.

Are we part of the Coptic Orthodox Church?

Yes. All authors are members of the Coptic Orthodox Community, based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. All views are our own. We do not speak for the Coptic Orthodox Church in an official capacity.

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