I judged a lady today
Hard headed dare I say
Wouldn’t vaccinate her baby
Read something dodgy and said maybe
It’s true
What could I do?


Knock sense into her till blue?

It’s detrimental, this I knew
Then I thought of myself
Spiritual as I thought I’d shelf
Myself up there with the best
Educated with all the rest
I thought deep down inside
My spiritual neglect I could not hide
I am the same – easily swayed by others
I can’t complain – I am like such Mothers
By reading the Bible is what I’ve been told
To vaccinate my mind against the diseases of the world
By specialists (as fathers) all the same
Experienced in warfare and game
A shield of faith it gives
By reading and letting It live
The word of God
Is neither strange, nor odd
The truest vaccination
Offering protection, much like a vacation
It was nothing new or foreign to me
I am more truly to blame

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