Father Antony Pauls’ public and informal journal/blog.

A collection of Pope Shenouda the 3rds’ books in Arabic and English

A wonderful collection of pictures and books including books written by St John Chrysostom and the Philokalia

This site contains a few articles and book excerpts of Father Matta El-Meskeen.

Many collections of books (including Fr Tadros Malaty and Pope Shenouda the 3rd) regarding many church topics.

This site is rich in content and is directed by his Grace Bishop Youssef. It includes a servant’s guide and a Sunday school curriculum.

This website contains a wide variety of books on the church sacraments, the saints, theology, patrology, and more.

This is an arabic and english website. It contains a detailed English commentary on the whole bible by Matthew Henry

Commentary from lots of fathers on many topics and books in the Bible



useful apps:


upper room media

coptic reader

sunday school



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